Into the Sound


Into the Sound

No matter how far away you may get. Even if you are only a small drop, that small drop will turn into a small stream, that small stream will turn into a large one. As along as you keep going you will always find your way back home.


What the?!?!



I recently read an article title “Why Women Don’t Deserve Good Men,” this was shortly after I saw a post that read “Chivalry, Come on Guys it’s not that hard.” The only thing I have to say to that is, what the HELL is going on? When did we let social media turn us against one another? When did we let no bodies, tell us how we should think or feel? You were in love and now you are heartbroken. Reflect on what you had and how great it was, not let’s talk shit about the other sex because that will make your broken heart feel better. I am confused. You were in love… LOVE the greatest emotion. It correlates with happiness, and hope. You had it, and just because it is gone you are going to put up walls and barricades so you can what? Never feel it again? I don’t understand.

Love is the first emotion we are taught as kids. We put our fate into these two people who brought us into the world. We count on them for food, shelter, clothes, encouragement, and LOVE. We don’t ask why, or hesitate because they might someday might hurt us. We do it based off of survival. We need love to survive. In a generation that has it the hardest with social media this and social media that we have the hardest barriers to overcome just to have friendships. We say “I love you” to family and friends but call that a different type of love than what we want in a relationship. I completely understand, but why can’t we start there? Love your significant other with the love you have for your friends.  Work every day on making it more than that. If you have put your heart and soul into a relationship and it doesn’t work, you need to know that you gave it everything you had. You loved! Now that significant other is left with the love you have for a friend. Hopefully both of you are left with love.

Being heartbroken is nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t understand why people make a broken heart embarrassing. You hurt, but only because it meant so much. If you never want to feel hurt again, you might never feel true love again. Is that a risk you are willing to take? So what, if you have loved 4, 5 people in your life. That doesn’t make you a “whore” or “ladies man” that means you are capable of showing unbiased love toward another human being. I have loved more than one person, I have been hurt and I have hurt others. But just because of those two factors, that doesn’t mean I did not love them whole heartily at the time or still continue to send my love. I meant every word I said to them, and I believe every word they said to me.

We need to watch what we do to the word and emotion of love. It is up to us to show the next generation about it. We are on the same side, we all want love. If we barricade it up so tightly, no one will have it. Everyone deserves it. GIVE IT, RECEIVE IT! Stop letting people tell us we shouldn’t have it, or that it sucks. It is scary, and sometimes it hurts but I totally think it is worth it every time.